1 Equipment
Draw winder machine Himson Draw Winder- HDW-1200 TP
Main specifications
a.  Products Polyester/ Polyamide 30 Denier to
300 Denier
b. No. of Positions 96 x 2= 192 Working Positions
c. Mechanical Speed 600-1200 mpm
d. Pretension Draw 0.001 to 0.01
e. Process Parameters Optional setting values within the above speed rang.
f. Heating
a) Induction Heated Rotating Roller
b) Contact type slit Heater
g. Dimensions( LXWXH) 10.095 X 5.6 X 2.6 Meters
2 Utility
a. Electricity Power Rated input voltage A/C 415 V ±10%,
Frequency 50 Hz± 0.5 Hz
Supply 3 Wire + Earth+ Ground
Connected Power:
Motors Max.- 47.2 KW
Heater Max.- 64.32 KW
Total Max. - 111.52KW
b.Compressed Air Interlacing Jets: As per jet
selection.Threading Gun – (35 X 2 ) 70 CFM
Quality of Air: Residual oil < 0.1 PPM & No.
Abrasive Particles> 0.1 PPM and dry to RH< 40%
c.Air Conditioning Room Temperature 26° C ± 2° C
(Only Recommendation) Relative Humidity 60 to 65%
3 Specification in Detail
a. Feed System  
i)  First Feed Nip Roller System
ii) Pretension Feed Induction Headed Chrome Plated
mirror finish Godget Roller. Separated
Roller Head Chrome Plated Adjustable
for Multiple wraps ( max.12.)
iii) Draw Feed Cold Godget Roller hard chrome
plated mirror finish. Separator
roller Head Chrome placed
adjustable for Multiple wraps( max.5.)
b. Take Up System 1) Heavy duty Cradle with collapsible
mandrel for twin take – up paper tubes. Parallel movement of cradle with constant contact pressure. Large diameter take – up roller for precise winding.
  2) Traverse Box – with Twin track steel cam and non – metallic cam follower – special grease lubrication.
Traverse Speed – 1275 Double Strokes per minute.
3) Traverse Length – 100mmX 2 package per minute
Package Dia – 325mm straight sided
Max. Package weight – 5.5Kg.
Take-up Tube – 130mm L x 104mm OD x 94mm ID.
Package Build – Programmable stroke reduction for optimum build.
c. Slit Heater Contact Type 360mm Long Electric Heater
d. Yarn Cutters Cut and Hold Type
e. Detectors Non Contact Type
f. Drives Individual Motors with speed control by invertors.
g. Capacity
Feed Roller (2.2 x 2) 4.4 KW
Pretension Roller (3.7 x 2) 7.4 KW
Draw Roller (3.7 x 2) 7.4 KW
Take-up Bowl (3.7 x 4) 14.8 KW
Traverse (1.1 x 12) 13.2 KW
Slit Heater (0.22 x 96) 21.12 kW
Hot Godget (0.45 x 96) 43.2 KW
Total 111.52 KW
h. Electric Control System 1 Set
i. Creel Stand 1 set Box Type Creel
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